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The Nucleus of Policies at Caltech

October 31, 2018

Policies and procedures are fundamental to the success of our organization providing clear requirements and guidance regarding Institute business and operations. Caltech has implemented 11 Institute policies that apply to the Caltech community both at campus and JPL.  These policies are reviewed annually, updated as needed, and endorsed by the President. 

The Policies, Personnel Memoranda, and Handbooks website provides easy reference for students, faculty, and staff to all of the Institute's official policies and memoranda as well as administrative guidance documents. The website is accessible from the "Quick Links" option on Caltech's homepage. 

It is important to mention that academic divisions or administrative departments may maintain procedures related specifically to the operations of their units.  These procedures may address issues not covered by Institute policy and may supplement, but not conflict with Institute policy. Please refer to the academic divisions or administrative departments directly to access these specific procedures.

For questions about policies contact audit services & institute compliance or the human resources department.