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Campus 3D Printing May Require EHS Assessment

June 13, 2018

Use of 3D printers by the Caltech community has been increasing, both for research and for office/shop purposes.  If your group is considering a 3D printer, please contact the Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Office for an assessment prior to use (626.395.6727).  One particular example of printers needing an EHS assessment are those that use metal powders or resins.  Setting up 3D printers requires consideration of various potential hazards intrinsic to the type of technology and intended application, and to the specific work environment where installation is taking place.  Also, if removal of support material and disposal of subsequent waste is required, the EHS Office needs to be contacted prior to use.

Since certain 3D printers may involve materials and applications of a hazardous nature, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) may be required, especially for laboratory use.  Contact the EHS Office for guidance (626.395.6727) or